Nestor Chayelle: IMPORTANT! How can we stop global warming?

How to contribute to the environment

Global warming is becoming worst. For this reason, is very important people to do small changes that could benefit the planet. Greenspace, an environmental institution, suggests some strategies we should follow in order to reduce climate change.

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental problems we have to face. Each year the planet is more affected by climate change, which is concerning the environmental organizations due to the damage that global warming might cause on the population and the planet.
 Greenpeace, one of these institutions, calls for citizen cooperation to adopt measures in order to combat climate change and reduce its environmental impact. Here are some of these measures.
1. Recycling

According to Greenspace, a good strategy to combat climate change is the waste hierarchy: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This means to reduce the purchase of products that have a higher environmental impact, reuse several times the consumable products, and recycle and use waste as raw material.
2. Turn off the computer and TV
The electrical appliances have to be disconnected from the power when we do not use them. They consume power even when we turn them off.
3. Use Low-energy bulbs
We can save up 70% of power by using LED bulbs. These bulbs have many advantages. It has a duration of more than 15 years if we use them 8 hours per day, and it is resistant to extreme temperatures.
4. Use public transportation
The gasses released by the cars are one the main causes of environmental pollution and global warming. For this reason, it is suggested to use public transportation, or go on bicycle or walking. According to Greenpeace, half of the car journeys have a distance of at least 3 km.
5. Reduce water usage
We can reduce energy consumption by 80% by taking a quick shower instead of a bath and turning off the tap while we soap up.
 6. Combat deforestation
Plant trees and avoid any activity that could cause fire will contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity.
 7. Follow a carbohydrate diet
It is suggested to eat less meat. Livestock is responsible for almost 18% of polluting emissions because the energy consumed in the production of fertilizers.
Finally, it is important you get involved in any environmental group and work for the environment.
-Nestor Chayelle

By Nestor Chayelle