The Countdown has begun


Is it hot in here or is it just me? I think it might not be just me. It might be the fact that 2016 is the hottest year recorded,according to NASA. But even with record shattering temperatures, there are always doubters. Is there a reason why global warming seems to be such a divisive idea? Why does it keep being rejected in the face of all the overwhelming evidence?

A fistful of dollars

The reason is, of course, business. Global warming, while still being debated whether it’s caused by human activity or just exacerbated, is definitely affected by us, especially by deforestation, and pollution caused by industry and fuel. The economic interests that are behind these enterprises have mobilized to eschew public opinion in their favor, which is the main reason why the idea that man has contributed to global warming, or that it even exists, is still debated.
Lucky for us, it’s impossible to cover the sun with one finger. The temperatures that are being reached have begun getting in the way of people being able to work. In the UK workers’ unions are debating the legality of working under the extreme heat they’re currently encountering. Scientists believe that in the next year some countries might lose up to 25% of their production due to the extreme temperatures. This might make it harder for the very same companies that deny climate change to keep making the one thing they seem to care about: profit.

It’s not only heat 

The environmental problems we are facing right now are not only related to heat. In recent years winters have become colder and longer, storms and hurricanes have become more common, and some renowned scientists go as far as blaming the 2016 Louisiana Flooding on climate change. 

It’s time to face it; climate change is a threat to our way of life and the survival of a great part of the population of the world, and if it’s not taken seriously now, we might miss our last chance to do something.

By Nestor Chayelle